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Pick-N-Choose Story


Pick-N-Choose was established in 2023 with the idea that everyone have a choice and choice is key.  We believe all people should have the choice to use products that are non-toxic and do not harm the body or the environment.  Our company's goal is to provide products that is free of harmful chemicals and animal cruelty.

Basket Weaving


We are dedicated to using the finest natural materials. All our products are 100% grown and naturally dried or handmade from natural materials. Our handmade and naturally grown and dried products provides a comfortable and pleasing ambiance, making it an ideal choice for rustic home decor enthusiasts.  Our goal is to bring nature into living with elegance and grace.

Panbooyah_2-01 (1)_edited_edited.png

A Pick-N-Choose eco-friendly brand! The brand that supports products made from natural materials.  Our PanbooYaH brand can transform any area into a harmonious space. 

Image by Eleonora Albasi
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